Korg announces the new synth app, ARP ODYSSEi iOS synth app.

As described on Korg’s site,

“Now the legendary ARP sound has been exquisitely reproduced in iOS software as the ARP ODYSSEi!

Based on the revived ARP ODYSSEY, we used KORG’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to reproduce the analog feeling and sound of the original as closely as possible. We’ve also given it numerous enhancements that are possible only with software, such as the often requested polyphony and built-in effects.

ARP ODYSSEi lets you instantly switch between the designs of the three types of ARP Odyssey that differed by production date and filter configuration. As paid for options, you can also choose the white-paneled Rev1 or the black-paneled gold silk-screened Rev2 designs, together with fifty new preset sounds that take advantage of the distinctive filters of those models.”


Additional items for in-app purchase at regular prices.

  • $29.99
  • limited time sale (33% OFF) Nov 1 (Tuesday) – Nov 30 (Wednesday), 2016 – $19.99
  • Rev1 Skin & Program Pack  (Regular Price $4.99)
  • Rev2 Skin & Program Pack (Regular Price $4.99)

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