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BattleFlips is a purpose-built beat battle platform and beatmaking community.

It was designed and built by Dan and Joe Kelly, brothers from the UK. Dan (aka Ridm) is a Beatmaker and Turntablist DJ and Joe is a web developer. They’ve built BattleFlips together in their spare time over the last 6 months.
The idea came from noticing how inefficient the previous platforms for battles like Facebook and User Forums could sometimes be, and how much better they could be, if everything was purposefully designed from the outset.
BattleFlips addresses all those problems with features like a built-in Voting system, Likes System, Prizes, User Accounts, Soundcloud Integration, a Countdown Timer. a Forum and other features.
It’s a 2 click Sign-Up Proccess & It’s also completely free!
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When users are posting their Flips to a battle, they tag which equipment and software they used to create it so that other users can get a feel for their process. They also get space for a short description to go underneath their flip.
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Each flip has its own large Soundcloud player – allowing the art to be showcased. Each user also gets their own customisable Avatar, Country Flag & Hometown Setting.
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The built in voting system is simple: You listen to all the flips, then hit the big green button above the flip you dig the most (‘KING?’ button)
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The voting works as follows:
– If you’ve never entered a BattleFlips battle – your Vote counts for 1 Point
– If you’ve entered a BattleFlips battle previously – your Vote counts for 3 Points
– If your entered in the current Battle your voting on – your Vote counts for 5 Points
The voting system is weighted to stop users from easily being able to recruit voters or create fake accounts in order to win the battle.
This system is tried and tested. People can invite their friends to vote for them, thats what helped BoxManBeat get his 2nd place in Battle #9. However anyone who’s seen playing the system and abusing it will just be disqualified by BattleFlips.

There are over 500 registered users – and rising – from all across the world.

You can see users connecting with one another on Soundcloud, they are liking and commenting on eachothers work and that’s the kind of beatmaking community BattleFlips set out to create. Getting feedback through comments and followings isn’t easy on Soundcloud and BattleFlips can help kickstart that for you.

There was a recent Battle with prizes from DopeVST – ‘Your choice of DopeVST’s’ –

Don’t be intimidated, word ‘Battle’ is used loosely, it’s more a creative challenge & source of feedback
If you like it, Sign up and Count Yourself In!
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