Humanscale humaneness helps ZAOR Studio Furniture find flawless ergonomic excellence

ORADEA, ROMANIA: premium studio furniture designer and manufacturer ZAOR Studio Furniture is proud to announce that it is acting as an ambassador and distributor to the sales channels in the MI and pro audio industries for New York-headquartered global ergonomics leader Humanscale — hitherto renowned for designing intuitive products to improve the comfort and health of office workers worldwide, with function driving form — as of August 31…

Who better to introduce this perfect partnership, then, than ZAOR Studio Furniture CEO Klaus Gehlhaar: “Our company is dedicated to providing an intelligent and aesthetically pleasing work environment for creative professionals. Speaking personally, part of that solution surely is the position in which you are seated and also the position of your ever-present computer monitor screens. So we searched for a long time to find a suitable partner to be able to offer a 360-degree solution for the recording space, video editing suite, or writing room. That Humanscale’s offerings are so special has as much to do with their intuitive design approach as their quality and ergonomics. From monitor arms to chairs and cable management, they offer smart solutions that perfectly complement our own budget-conscious custom design approach. Our main market — MI and audio industries — are a complete unknown to them, so we agreed that ZAOR should lever its position as a market leader in studio furniture design to act as an ambassador and distributor to the sales channels in those industries.”


Humanscale has a lot of premium products to its notable name, though, so where to start? “During the last two years we acquired a thorough knowledge of the brand, its products, and solutions, so we decided to preselect a few products that are supremely suited to our market,” maintains Klaus Gehlhaar. “The M2 and M8 monitor arms are an obvious choice for starters, since the screen has to be balanced between perfect positioning for viewing the DAW and other content, as well as room acoustics and nearfield speaker positioning, which represent around 80 percent of the critical listening environment. The flexibility that the M2 and M8 affords the user — screen up close when editing, further back and acoustically out of the way when mixing or mastering — is crucial to achieving the best of both worlds: visual and acoustic.”

Well, why stop there when critical comfort and health issues should — and can — be addressed? According to Klaus Gehlhaar, “Over the years, our own experience as studio engineers and producers has taught us about the health risks of improper seating with too many hours often being spent sat in less than ideal positions. In the absence of suitable sit/stand solutions — safely lifting a 200-plus kilogram Solid State Logic mixing console up and down is no easy task! — we consider an excellent chair to represent a very smart longterm investment in your health. Having read endless discussions about the next five-figure outboard effects unit to die for, I often wonder if those who are willing to spend so much on making their mixes more musically enticing ever spare a thought about their sitting position? Probably not, and yet the fact of the matter is that the resulting fatigue and stress will probably take away more from their mixing ability than any miracle device could ever add to it!”


Is there a Humanscale solution? “So we are talking to our customers and offering two very affordable and accomplished chairs — the Diffrient World, representing Humanscale’s first foray into all-mesh task seating, and the award-winning Freedom Task chair, which is, in all honesty, the best chair I have ever had the privilege to be seated in. What differentiates Humanscale chairs from those of other manufacturers is their proprietary, self-adjusting mechanism. Auto-reclining is guided by bodyweight alone and does not need any levers or settings — seems awkward at first, but when our customers give it some thought then they always agree that those few square inches that support their body during long studio sessions are a lifesaver.”

Likewise, Klaus Gehlhaar appropriately and succinctly sums up ZAOR Studio Furniture’s praiseworthy pursuit of ergonomic excellence when concluding, “We are glad to have found a top-level partner that shares our vision in Humanscale — one that shares our vision of a better, more humane, and healthy workspace.”

Humanscale’s M2 monitor arm, Diffrient World and Freedom Task chairs are available to order online directly from the ZAOR Studio Furniture Shop respectively for €244.00 EUR, €766.00 EUR, and €1,348.00 EUR (including 24% tax, plus shipping costs) here:

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