I was recently approached by a fellow MPC-Forums.com member, mr_debauch, regarding a cool beat tape project called Bit Crushed Beat Tape vol.1: Video Game Breaks. So I shot a few joints his way. We converses via IM/Email a few times and I didn’t hear much about it thereafter.

Soon enough… Boom! it dropped and there was a gang of dope beats included on the beat tape. As a matter of fact, I noticed the thread on MPC Forums **video game forum mixtape** but it just never occurred to me that this is about the beat tape that my man is putting together. At any rate, I soon found out that the two were one in the same. All in all, I am happy to be a part of the project and I thought it would be apropos to share the project with you.

The beats are dope and varied yet cohesive to account for the project’s many contributing producers. Don’t sleep this project is filled with bangers. One such stand out is Track 2, Theme for Tracer T (prod. Maw-) with what I believe is a Jeru vocal sample. That joint is mean. Mr. Debauch’s “Lunar Patrol” joint is also a stand out with its post apocalyptic video gamey ruckus filled  flavor. My dude Hellfire showed up and showed out too with his “Golden Axe” piece. Gotta love those drums and that sinister synth line. Also, feeling this “Lucid Dreams” joint produced by Ektoe. Dope swing… and the snaps, nice. And oh… “Mactown Ma” produced by Dirtybird B. is crucial. Turn that way up! Of course, we know how ES-K does it… his contribution to this project is no exception and is dope as usual with track 14, Mana.

Although I can’t call out everyone, I can say this is a strong effort by all contributors. Lots of dope beats here. Overall there is a good old school bitcrushed video game inspired flavor of boom bap in tow with this project. al you have to do is turn it up. You’ll see.

The Bit Crushed Beat Tape vol.1: Video Game Breaks project contributors are mostly listed below.

  • -ChopFyt
  • -Maw
  • -starcrusher
  • -PSR AKA PhaShaRa AKA Corry Banks
  • -Hellfire
  • -Dudi (also from mpc-forum.eu)
  • -Dirtybird
  • -Ill Green
  • -Comcap
  • -Tre Cipher
  • -D-inventa (of Defective Collective)
  • -Mr. Debauch (of Defective Collective)

Be sure to stop by the project’s bandcamp page and support the art of boom bap.  http://fluidbreaks.bandcamp.com/album/bit-crushed-beat-tape-vol-1

Track Listing

  1. Blud n Cuts (prod. Chopfyt) 02:52
  2. Theme for Tracer T (prod. Maw-) 01:34
  3. 8-bit Cassette (prod. dudi) 03:02
  4. Pancreatic Whisper (prod. D-inventa) 01:52
  5. Ate Bit (prod. Thurge) 01:40
  6. Aliens (prod. starcrusher) 03:04
  7. Lunar Patrol (prod. Mr. Debauch) 03:06
  8. Throwing Star (prod. Ektoe) 03:13
  9. Blade Runner (prod. Tragedy Jones) 02:47
  10. Golden Axe (prod. DJ Hellfire) 02:53
  11. Cparkursmle Set 2 (prod. Phashara) 03:06
  12. Lucid Dreams (prod. Ektoe) 02:43
  13. Mactown Ma (prod. Dirtybird b) 02:20
  14. Mana (prod. Es-k) 02:38
  15. Electric Fire-Water (prod. Ill Green) 02:04
  16. Path to the Leauge (prod. Thurge) 00:54
  17. Interstella Assault (prod. Comcap) 02:23
  18. Charlies Requiem (prod. Chopfyt) 01:39
  19. Dungeon Flicker (prod. Ektoe) 02:53
  20. The Shadow Foot Clan (prod. FredyINk) 02:33
  21. Sarias Song (prod. Tre Cipher) 02:55
  22. Mario Trap 64 (prod. Scarbz) 02:51

Also, feel free to comment below and / or stop by the thread on MPC Forums entitled  **video game forum mixtape**

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