As we covered NAMM 2013 we caught up with Dan Gil, MPC Product Manager for Akai Pro. We got a chance to ask a few questions regarding pending updates for the Akai Pro MPC Renaissance and the pending 1.3 MPC software update. Dan also gave us an exclusive scoop regarding a new vintage mode setting. We heard it and it is dope. More to come with regards to a demo of the new vintage mode.

Dan is genuinely passionate about the MPC line. He has been instrumental in the development of the MPC Ren and the MPC 5000. Speaking of the MPC 5000 Dan Gil mentions in the video that there are still plans to work on and release a new OS update for the MPC 5000. There’s loads of info in this video interview, including the actual release date for version 1.3 update. Check it it out below

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