Today I’d like to introduce you to a book entitled “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC “. This e-book written by is especially helpful if you are a Logic and MPC user.

“Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC”  aims to teach you, the reader, to “Utilize Logic Pro with your Akai MPC – sync Logic with the MPC, track your beats as audio & MIDI, use Logic as a sound module.” In it’s 2nd edition “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC ” weighs in at 41MB and 116 pages plus example tutorial files and is priced at $11.99.”Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” contains Logic and MPC project files so that you can follow along with the examples exactly as they are written. Compatibility allows for use of all MPCs  (Akai and JJOS) & Logic 9.

I bought the first edition and I was pleased to see the level of detail that included. The 2nd addition takes this even further with more content and tutorials. The screen shots can be priceless if you are not sure of what you are looking at while figuring out something new. The tutorial files are very well laid out and easy to follow.

Within the chapters of “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” the following subjects are covered

  1. Initial Hardware & Software Set Up
  2. Using Logic As A Sound Module
  3. Syncing Your MPC With Logic
  4. Transferring MPC Audio into Logic
  5. Transferring MPC Sequences into Logic
  6. The MPC as a MIDI Device in Mac OS X
  7. Final Word

It should be said that this e-book is not meant to be an all out guide to using Logic or your MPC. “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” is a very focused and concentrated effort to walk the reader through using Logic, and all of it’s great instruments, with your MPC together seamlessly. With that in mind the e-book covers the core principles and concepts that will help you achieve that goal.

I must admit, when creating music I have very little patience (most times) for fiddling around trying to figure things out. I’d much rather create music and move along. This is why I bought the book a while back. I know logic pretty well, as I’ve used it since the early days when it was still a PC compatible program. I also know the MPC pretty well. I was able to use Logic as a sound module for one sound or patch. But I would always hit a road block when using Logic as a multi-timbral sound module and so I would just forget about it and move on to something else.

So, what is Multi-timbral? Multi-timbral means that “the module can listen to all 16 MIDI channels at once, and play any 16 of its “patches” simultaneously, with each of the 16 patches set to a different MIDI channel” (

“Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” answered the question of “How do I use Logic Pro as a multi-timbral sound module?” for me with one little click of the mouse in Logic. Combined with what I already had set in Logic and on the MPC that one click made all of the difference in using Logic as a multi-tinbral instrument with my MPC.

I’d recommend “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” not just because it helped me solve my issue but because you also get the low down on tracking, midi syncing, multi tracking, MPC audio tracks etc., etc., and so on. Most of these things I learned over the years but you dont have to take the long route when you use this book. “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC” is essential reading for those of you that are Logic owners that may be newly venturing into hardware music production with an MPC. Take it from BBoytech Report and save yourself some time with “Using Logic Pro With The Akai MPC”

Final note… with the 2nd edition I now have a copy of the book on my iPad as a native e-pub formatted book. Nice!

Digital eBook Bundle Included!

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