is readying a line of upgrades, mods and parts for the new Akai Pro MPC Renaissance. Shown in the post pic is the freshly customized MPC Renaissance with wood side panels. The wood panels in the photo are prototypes with more revisions and refinement to come but no matter what, in my opinion, wood always looks good. also has plans for more custom upgrades, mods and parts for the Akai Pro MPC Renaissance. The line up will include a customization service as well as an “out of the box” customized solution. This is great news. Not everyone has an eye or the skill to customize their own MPC but thanks to everyone will have access to a customized Akai Pro MPC Renaissance.

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We will offer a full range of products for the Ren. The Ren is a bit harder to take apart than most of the MPCs. Its similar to the MPDs in build with a lot of wires and screws. It’s not particularly hard but its time consuming and there are many screws to remember to put back in the right place. When we get full customization kits available we will be offering custom Rens out of the box and you will also be able to send yours in for customization and as always you will be able to order the parts so you can do the job yourself.

We are updating the parts on the site now for what we do have in the next couple days. Including buttons, internal parts, custom knobs other items.

We do have a nice bag for it thats on the site and we have already uploaded pics showing the REN in the bag.

In the next week or two some stuff will be available including

Wood Side Panel Kit
Dust Cover
Faceplate Skins
Laptop Mount

Coming in the near future (already working on ’em)

Blacked out and color Button Kits
Color and Thick Pads (retaining the clear sides)
Top Casing Full replacements
Custom Palm Rests
Color LCDs

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