Akai Pro recently released and update to the MPC Software which accompanies the new MPC Ren and MPC Studio. Version 1.1 of the MPC Software Update offers new features and improvements to existing features. Interestingly enough, the final bullet point in the fixes list is “Various bug fixes”. Hmmmm. I was hoping for more specifics but this will have to do.

New Features

  • Support for Pro Tools: MPC software can now be used as an RTAS plugin in Pro Tools 9 and Pro Tools 10. Pro Tools 10 is recommended for the best performance.
  • Extensive new options for routing MIDI and audio in Track Mixer mode.
  • Individual submixes and software outputs can now be exported separately.
  • MIDI Program Change messages now include bank select options.
  • Several new Window Mode options are now available to speed up workflow.
  • Grid editing (Draw and Select) tools can be quickly selected with the computer keyboard.
  • MIDI output ports can now be routed to the DAW in plugin mode. • Plugins can be selected using the hardware. • Sequence Loop parameters can be edited with the hardware. • Play position indicator now follows playback in Sample Edit Mode.

Fixes / Improvements

  • Support for MPC Studio hardware.
  • Improved synchronization when used as a plugin in Ableton Live, Logic, Pro Tools, and Cubase.
  • Improved performance for file saving and loading when used as a plugin.
  • Improved performance when recording long sequences and automation.
  • Support for full-screen mode and Mac retina displays.
  • Improved support of third-party VST and AU plugins.
  • Various bug fixes.

Download MPC Software Update Version 1.1 for Mac

Download MPC Software Update Version 1.1 for PC

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