It’s been a while since I recommended a book for our Bboytechreport BookClub. But this one is worth the note.

Modular Sound Synthesis On The Moon is a hardback book that takes the reader on a journey through sound synthesis and learning the nuts and bolts of synthesis. Designed as a guide book for their own students at, Tulpa Dusha, and Pete Johnston created an incredibly useful reference book for synthesists at all levels.

Modular Moon describes the book as…

This guide is a collection of theoretical and practical materials for students of the Modular Synthesis School, a section of Modular Moon. The guide was created for students as an additional information source and is based on the modular synthesis system presented in the class, and explains the major basic principles of sound synthesis. However, this book can be used as a study program for any other sound synthesis learning institution or individual.

Modulart Moon

So if you are a newcomer to Modular or even if you are a seasoned veteran in modular synthesis, I’d recommend this book as one to add to your book collection.

Cop the book here

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