Today, the fam over at MSX drops their long-awaited and hotly anticipated ios app, Chomplr.

MSX has long been a heavyweight in the sound design game. Over the years they’ve gone from sound design masters to ios mavericks for the beatmaking scene. Their latest effort finds them raising the bar with Chomplr.

Chomplr is the love child of all of the conveniences of a Rompler and the act of chopping samples. Imagine that! A gang of MSX audio content (150 stock samples and a built-in store) with the chopping power of a state of the art audio workstation all in a neat little slick iOS format.

If you are familiar with MSX (chances are you are intimately familiar if you’ve used just about any of the top tier beat-making tools today), you know that an in-built store will yield endless depths of finely crafted sample material for Chomplr to feast on. The best part about that is that you know exactly the type of quality you will be in for.

With that… Today is the day! MSX’s most ambitious project to date, Chomplr is out now! The iOS movement continues forward with this beast of an app. This is just version 1 of where Chomplr is heading!

Additionally, MSX dropped an all-new iOS app site useful for getting you going with our iOS apps as well as an all-new user forum. This is intended for you to use as a resource regarding all things MSXII Sound Design.

Lastly, MSX added comprehensive manuals for each of our apps – Lo-Fly Dirt & Fly Tape as well as Chomplr. Since launching our first app in late 2017, there have been thousands of questions on the platform. Please download the manuals and read them. They will help you!

Chomplr Key Features:
• Unique sample chopping rompler for iOS music making
• Includes both standalone and AUv3 (plugin) capability
• Compatible with Garageband, Beatmaker 3, AUM, Audiobus, Cubasis, iMPC, and many more hosts
• Stock library of over 150 original samples by MSXII Sound Design
• Built-in store with hundreds of samples to preview & purchase
• Stock FX such as Lofi, Echo, Flanger, LP & HP filters, Drive, Reverb & Dirt
• Chromatic sample mode allowing a sample chop to be played across keys
• Sample editing parameters, per chop, such as Start, End, Attack, Release, Tune, Vol, Pan, Loop, and Reverse
• A comprehensive user manual available at:
• Robust roadmap that includes many features to come!

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