Many moons ago Studio Electronics made a name for itself by converting Minimoog’s to rack units with midi capabilities. They called these conversions, MidiMoog’s. These units had legitimate Minimoog Model D boards inside as they were indeed rack mountable, midi modified and converted Model D’s.

Soon enough, Studio Electronics decided the time was right to build clones of the model d boards so as to continue to offer the heralded MidiMoog. They called it the Midimini. Now, decades later, Studio Electronics are back at it with the re-introduction of the SE Midimini V30 with all that the classic is known for and a gang of updated features.

A classic returns refreshed and modernized.

The Masters are at it again.

November 2019 brings the SE Midimini V30 to the table, and nothing has been lost in the translation of this end-of-decade Analog essential. A raft of brand-new hardware features, extensive software sweetening, and modular connections open the window even wider to an already stunning Analog view.

  •  Through-hole build: Every. Single. PC board.
  •  Classic 4-pole, 24 db/oct Lowpass Ladder, with voltage-controlled Cutoff.
  •  Semi-Modular: CV & Gate, key voltage, amplifier, and tonal mastering tap points.
  •  #OutsToOuts patchable (1/8″ Eurorack Connections).
  •  New fancy COLOR vibe: ENV1>OSC2, OSC3>OSC2, Boomstar Hardware Ring Mod & Noise.
  •  Oscillator 2 Sync: Modulate (sweep) both OSC1 and OSC2 via ENV1>OSC2.
  •  Amp Drive: Boomstar Modular AMP saturation and overdrive, imported into ‘V30 world.
  •  Output Feedback loop and gain control—interacts expressively with Amp Drive.
  •  MIDI-syncable, AFM*-capable, multi-waveform LFO, routable to VCO and VCF.
  •  LFO Out patch point with level control, for deep modulation or oscillation creation.
  •  LFO Gate: LFO pulse of VCF/VCA from the SE-02.
  •  OSC 1 Triangle Wave to amplifier, for high Resonance/low frequency compensation.
  •  Envelope 2 Master Mode: ENV2 (VCA) assumes control of Filter (VCF) Envelope.
  •  Independent Release control of Filter and Amplifier.
  •  Flexible Linear and Exponential Glide.
  •  Front Panel-mounted External Audio input with level control.
  •  Handy Boomstar Drone feature for eternal sustain and easy tuning.
  •  Low/Last/High Note Priority, ENV1 invert, VCF/VCA dynamics & VCF (ENV1) Multi-trigger.
  •  Boomstar MIDI Learn feature for MIDI, Aftertouch, and Modwheel.

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