Novation releases updated firmware with a gang of new goodies for Novation Circuit.

Presenting Circuit v1.6, the newest firmware update

Our users are awesome, they’re always coming up with new ideas. Using the most requested features of the Circuit Owners group and other websites, we bring the community’s imagining of the Circuit sequencer, synth and sampler to life. Novation Circuit v1.6 is the latest firmware update that we’ve created.


We knew how much people wanted to pan on Novation Circuit, so we listened to our users, and our engineers did everything they could to make it happen.
Panning has been the single most requested feature of the community to date. It enables users to create audio landscapes or integrate with their favorite hardware.

Micro Steps

While users are making the best of Novation Circuit with music-making, we’re pushing boundaries within Novation HQ. From this came Drum Micro Steps. Using Drum Micro Steps as a beat-building tool, Circuit v1.6 adds instant fills and stutter effects to users’ workflows, retriggering a sample up to six times within each step. J Dilla fans should probably board here.

Light Dim Settings

Is Circuit’s brightness intruding when the room darkens? Light Dim will help to set the mood for all sorts of romantic occasions with its brightness setting. The features above are accompanied by FX Mute, which can be used to mute any unwanted FX, making it easier to connect with external hardware processors.

Circuit v1.6 is available to download from Components.
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