Announcing Novation Circuit v1.4

The latest update is an advancement to the Novation groovebox that introduces several user-requested features, and brings all-new sessions, samples and synth patches.

Since its launch over a year ago, Novation’s commitment to updating Circuit has brought transformative new features to the product. From Sample Import and Sample Flip to the Components suite of browser-based utilities, Circuit’s capabilities have gone from strength to strength with every new Firmware release. Circuit v1.4 brings even more features to Circuit, making it an even more powerful addition to any live or studio performance system.

In the run-up to the new release, Novation celebrated its favourite milestones in its campaign ‘The Evolution of Circuit’. Working in collaboration with London design house Studio Murugiah, 12 key milestones of Circuit’s life have been immortalised in illustrated form (which can be viewed here). From the birth of Circuit and the Start Something campaign, to Mike Will’s leaked Instagram post, to the time KiNK and CALC jammed with Circuit in an apartment, the illustrations chart Circuit’s path to the present day and the launch of the newest Firmware.

The latest update (version 1.4) brings a new pattern-length parameter for the drum tracks to enable polyrhythmic drum sequences, where previously the drum patterns were locked to 16 steps. Also, it’s now possible to switch each track’s patterns on the fly so you can create fast-changing fills and pattern-change effects. You can now change the colour of the sessions from the unit itself (instead of from the Components software), and there are new setup options to optimise Circuit’s interoperation with other MIDI hardware. Lastly, Novation have created brand new samples, synth patches and sessions, to give you even more inspiration.

Here’s what’s new:

Polyrhythmic Drum Patterns
You can now set the length of your drum patterns individually to create mind-bending cross-rhythms and pattern variations.

Instant Pattern Switch
Change patterns instantly and combine with automation for glitchy drum fills and beat repeats.

Session Colour Select
Now available from the unit; change your Session colour when saving.

Clock Settings
Improved setup page with more versatile MIDI control. Separate transmit and receive settings for MIDI clock.

Circuit Packs
All-new samples, synth patches and sessions to completely transform your Circuit. Use Components to load the new Circuit Pack and, of course, backup your existing work.

Watch Circuit Packs in action below.

Circuit v1.4 is a free firmware update available to all Circuit customers. The update is quick and easy, and is facilitated by Circuit Components, a suite of browser-based utility tools for Circuit.

Click here to visit the Circuit Components page.

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