Novation releases the Launchkey line of keyboard controllers just in time for NAMM 2013. The Launchkey line of keyboard controllers come in 25, 49 & 61 key format. According to Novation’s website, Launchkey features “up to 50 physical controls including 16 velocity-sensitive multi-colour launch pads that trigger and stop clips – and launch scenes – in Ableton Live.”

It appears that Launchkey follows the current design trend of tightly integrated hardware / software controller instruments. Users will surely get good use out of the “hands-on control” that Launchkey offers. Not to mention, the seemingly unmatched and control of V-Station & Bass Station synth plug-ins that sort of reminds me of the control one gets with analog experience that Arturia offers.

For the ipad musicians out there, “Launchkey includes an entire suite of software for iPad, Mac and PC including a brand new Launchkey synth app, a Launchpad app* for triggering and improvising with loops, and the powerful V-Station and Bass Station soft synths for Mac and PC – not to mention Ableton Live Lite and a huge Loopmasters sample pack.”

But before you start to think that this Launchkey line is simply a Novation Ableton Live piece, it’s worth noting that Launchkey is designed to control all major DAWs. According to Novation, “Launchkey is a controller for all major music software, giving you hands-on control of your mixer, transport and more in Ableton Live, FL Studio, Pro Tools, Reason, Logic and Cubase. With nine faders, nine buttons, eight rotary knobs and transport controls, nothing comes close to Launchkey for sheer controllability.”



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