Nektar Technology, creators of Panorama and Impact LX controller series today announced a significant update to the Nektar DAW Integration for Reason.

This update makes all Panorama and Impact products compatible with Reason 9 and offer a substantial expansion of Rack Extension mapping.

Nektar Inc. California, June 21st, 2016 – (ictw) – Nektar today announced the availabilty of a significant update to the Nektar DAW integration with Reason.Reason 9 Ready
Nektar DAW Integration is now not only compatible with Reason 9, but also includes mapping for the 3 new player devices included in Reason 9. Note Echo, Scales and Chords as well as Dual Arpeggio are each custom mapped, giving the most complete real-time control experience possible. Impact and Panorama continue to support any Reason version from 5.0 and up.ReDrum: Stepping it up with Panorama
Taking advantage of new control options in the Reason Remote SDK, Panorama now allows full control of the ReDrum step sequencer. As drums are triggered or selected using the pads, steps can be quickly edited using the LED buttons.  If a step is active, the LED is illuminated, clearly indicating the sequence and state of each step.Standard Mapping takes Nektar support to 387 Rack Extensions
Standard mapping is a new approach that map the most important parameters of a device, such as for example filter cutoff, resonance and envelopes. Following a predefined layout, controls are mapped to the same parameters across RE’s making it easy to control devices when changing tracks.And when inspiration strikes, all other parameters on the device can be accessed quickly and easily through Nektar’s nifty ‘grab’ feature – a temporary override for any control, with instant access to parameters on the active instrument.  No need for complicated MIDI assignments and programming. Nektar DAW Integration does it all.As always, Patch Names and parameter names/values are shown in Panorama’s hi-res TFT display.Custom vs Standard Mapping
Standard mapping doesn’t replace the existing custom mapping for legacy devices but instead provides a uniform and faster way to generate mapping for new Rack Extensions. This means that updates to the Nektar DAW Integration for Reason will be more frequent, ensuring Nektar hardware is able to control even relatively recent Rack Extensions.The update is available for free to registered owners of Nektar Impact LX and Panorama immediately.For further information please


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