Propellerhead announces support for VSTs in Reason 9.5.

More details below, taken from’s Reason F.A.Q. See video above for the announcement and details.

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Delivering on our #1 feature request, VST plugins are coming to Reason. The creative flow you know and love, coupled with any plugin you want. This is music-making unlimited.

When is it coming?

Reason 9.5 is currently in beta testing and the final release will be on May 29th 2017!

How much is it?

If you own Reason 9, then the new version is a free update. Any purchase of the Reason 9 upgrade or Reason 9 full version will get you Reason 9.5 when it’s released, for free.

Extension technology?

Absolutely not! Reason now supports two plugin formats and Rack Extensions will remain a key Reason technology. In fact, combining VSTs and Rack Extensions open up fantastic music making possibilities! Having VSTs in the rack will let us focus our development of the Rack Extension platform even more.

Will Reason 9.5 support all VST plugins?

Reason’s VST implementation is based on VST 2.4. Any 2.4 compliant instrument or effect plugin (that’s just about every VST out there) will work in Reason.

Can I use VSTs with other Reason devices?

Sure! In that regard, there is no difference between VSTs and other Reason devices. Play them with Players, put them in combinators, add Reason effects, patch audio and CV to them – just like you always do in Reason. The only difference is that the VST plugins open in a separate window.

How are VSTs used in Reason 9.5?

Reason will find any VST plugin that you have installed on your computer. The VST plugins can then be found among Reason’s own devices and Rack Extensions in the browser. Drag your desired instrument or effect to the rack and it’s there! VST plugins live inside the new plugin host device in the rack. This is where you can route audio and CV and open the plugin’s own window.

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