Roland Aira & Boutique VST Editors – Roland JU-06, JP-08 and Roland TR-8

This is exciting news. Friends at ADSR recently put together a video overview of the Roland Aira & Boutique VST editors by The editors come in both VST and Audio Unit versions. The editors are available for Roland’s JU-06, JP-08 and Tr-08.

The editors are reasonably priced. They can be download from No word as to why my favorite boutique, the JX-03, would be left out of the party. But I would imagine as word gets out there will likely be more push towards more editors for the JX and the newer boutiques. Well, I don’t know that but its something I’m just throwing out there for

Check out occasional BeatPPL podcast panelist, Mike Acosta of ADSR, as he gives us the run down on these editors.

Side Note about the Roland Boutique firmware:

One thing of note is that these editors require the latest firmware for the boutiques. This is always a good practice anyway. In addition, the latest firmware updates for the boutiques enable a more fleshed out midi implementation. It will allow access to midi CC messages. This is huge in itself considering I actually sold my 3 boutiques mostly due to the fact that the midi implementation was too limited. I dont have a problem with the size as long as I can use midi to control parameters. Well, that’s a none issue with the midi issue having been addressed in the firmware. At any rate,  head over to Roland’s page for more info on the firmware revision history and to download the updated firmware.

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