So, Stones Throw hit us with yet another tech-cool drum machine branded with the Dam Funk moniker. The DAM DRUM 3.0 was hand made, born and raised in Austin Texas in collaboration with BLEEP Labs. This one is outfitted in red and features 4 NEW SOUNDS, audio out and midi in. Not yet available, The Dam Drum 3.0 is planned to ship on November 26th. If history is any indicator these wont last long. Stop by Stones Throw Store and drop your $110 now as it is available for pre-order as of today.

According to Stones Throw, “Like the Dam-Drum v. 1 (2012) and V. 2 (early 2013) this version is made by hand and limited edition. 

Includes a case and function controls instruction sheet. Requires a 9 volt battery (not included). Concept by Scotty Coats. Special thanks to Doug at Flud Watches.”


Direct from the Data sheet

The left knob controls the pitch of the tom pad (red). Right knob controls the  bass synth pad (blue).
PLAY = Stop and start playback of selected sequence. Light will blink white  on the beat.
REC = Start and stop additive recording. Any pad played will be added to the sequence. Light blinks red.
TAP = Tap tempo.
SHIFT+PAD = Change to that color sequence. Light will change to that color.
SHIFT+TAP+RIGHT KNOB = Change tempo.
SHIFT+PLAY = Reverse samples.
PLAY+RECORD = Erase sequence.
Blue pad and yellow pad sequences start with kick on the 1 and 3.

C3: Red pad
D3: Blue pad
E3: Green pad
F3: Yellow pad
A3: Toggle reverse on/o
CC 70: Red pad pitch
CC 71: Blue pad pitch
CC 72: Green pad pitch
CC 73: Yellow pad pitch


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