Here is a cool Moog Mother 32 Sequencer Tutorial that I thought to be entertaining and informative.

The Moog Mother 32 is one of the perfect choices at the moment for those of us that are feeling “Modular Curious”. It has a simple interface which makes it easy to navigate. There is a patch panel which makes it easy to dive deeper into patching from a modular sense. It is a Moog so you get the classic ladder filter and Moog oscillator sound. It is a desktop synth and is easily mounted into any standard eurorack modular case.

But best of all, and especially for this particular post, it has a dope sequencer that is sort of classic in it self. The Moog Mother 32 sequencer is a voltage-controlled 32-step sequencer with added tricks up it’s sleeve such as variable gate length, and with ties, glide and accent control with ratcheting. It allows you to store up to 64 sequences which lends itself well to live performances. Sweetwater makes a good point, “While the sequencer is running you can temporarily mute playback, add accents, ratchet the sequence, and transpose the sequence for creative live performance potential.”

The tutor and host of the video, Rishabh Rajan, makes easy work of recreating Chaka Khan’s Prince produced “Ain’t Nobody” intro sequence. In turn, Rishabh also shows off a few basic Mother 32 sequencing points.

Check the video and enjoy!

Quick notes and what Rishabh went over for the sequencer…

How to select a pattern? Pattern + < or >

How to clear a pattern? Shift + Reset + Pattern

How to record in step mode? Shift + >

How to record in keyboard mode? Shift + <

Start recording in keyboard mode? shift + record

For more info on Moog Mother 32 check out the Moog Mother 32 product page.


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