Moog Music preps the launch of the Sub 37 with a pending series of videos that gives an in-depth look into what the Sub 37  is made of. The first video is all about the Sub 37’s ANALOG ARCHITECTURE. Yeah its different than most with it’s duo-phonic mode (explained in much more detail), fresh take on “mixer as input overdrive” section & the JFET transistor that gives a “very tube like distortion.” Looks like the Sub37 is going to be best friend to many a musician, beat maker, keyboardist, synthesist and producer.

Moog Music Chief Engineer, Cyril Lance, gives an overview of the technical effort and advancements made during the design of the Sub 37 Bob Moog Tribute Edition paraphonic analog synthesizer. This video includes insights into the Sub 37’s new VCO design, mixer architecture, filter topology, as well as the implementation of paraphonic functionality via Duo Mode. Sonic exposition of the Sub 37’s performance potential is presented by formidable multi-instrumentalist, Cory Henry. Henry is also a member of the Grammy Award winning group Snarky Puppy.

The Sub 37 analog synthesizer is shipping now. Find an Authorized Moog Dealer near you.

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