A BBoyTechReport Fav – Koma Elektronik releases their new Attenuator Cable

After releasing the modular Kabelhänger at Musikmesse earlier this year, Berlin-based instrument manufacturer KOMA Elektronik has now released a new innovative solution for modular synthesists: the Attenuator Cable.

The Attenuator Cable is a cable with one jack input socket on one side, an output socket on the other side and a slider in the middle that gives the user the opportunity to attenuate both CV and audio signals traveling between modules. You simply connect a 3,5mm patch cable to the input socket of the Attenuator Cable and connect the output jack plug to any input of your liking. You can use the slider in the middle of the cable to attenuate and adjust the signal, easy peasy!

At KOMA we always understood the importance of attenuation, this is why we implemented control voltage attenuators in all of our modular designs; it’s useful to keep everything running the way it is supposed to and to match voltages for different modular platforms. The Attenuator Cable gives you dedicated control for every signal coming from or going to modules without input attenuators, which there are a lot of! Since it is not a module, but a cable, you don’t waste any space in your case and you can use as many cables as you like in one setup. The cable design has been optimized to function with any CV or audio signal and with all known and widely available 3,5mm jack cables.

The Attenuator Cable is available for preorders from KOMA Elektronik’s website and from KOMA dealers worldwide. KOMA Elektronik offers free shipping for all pre-orders of 5 cables or more from our website!

MRSP is 9 € per cable (Incl. EU VAT) and 39 € for a pack of five cables.

More information: www.koma-elektronik.com

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