I’m dreaming of a white Christmas and a White Slim Phatty with 100 New Presets. Moog Music obviously has the holiday spirit because it seems that they are dreaming of a white Christmas as well. Last week Moog Music announced a “limited edition white release are the Slim Phatty, Minimoog Voyager, and the Minimoog Voyager XL analog synthesizers. Moog has also included the entire line of Moogerfooger Analog Effects Modules in this all white release.”

Such a cool taste of candy sweetness from my fav synth company. What better way to bring in the new year than with all white moogerfoogers and a fresh new Slim Phatty? I’m personally touched by the white Slim Phatty because although I will not be purchasing one of the fresh new white ones with white washed wood sides, I will be downloading the 100 new presets. That’s right as a registered Slim Phatty owner (and this applies to you too if you are a registered SP owner) I am entitled to a free download of the 100 new and freshly designed presets that come loaded on the new white Slim Phatty. BTW the list of sound designers for the new 100 white Slim Phatty presets is pretty fly too… see below.

the Slim Phatty now ships with 100 new, artist-designed presets made specifically for this limited edition analog synth. The sound designers that crafted the new preset bank are Phil Hartnoll and Paul Hartnoll of Orbital, Production wiz Chad Hugo of N.E.R.D. and The Neptunes, and DJ/Sound Designer Dom Kane. The Slim Phattys optional wood sides, and optional rack ears are also now available in white.

According to Moog Music’s email to Slim Phatty owners, “Sounds ranging from monstrous bass, aggressive percussion, and classic plucked leads to heavily modulated textures that utilize the Phatty’s under the hood modulation sources, like Noise and Sample and Hold, just scratch the surface of this complex new pack.” Take a listen to the presets and if you own a Slim Phatty already head over and register to get your download of the 100 new presets today. Happy Holidays.

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