IK Multimedia debuts new Max range – complete & affordable bundles for AmpliTube, T-RackS and SampleTank

Now musicians, producers and more have a new way to enhance their musical creativity and save between 70%-90% thanks to four new all-inclusive “Max” bundles that provide comprehensive collections of IK’s powerful music creation and processing software
January 20, 2016 – IK Multimedia is pleased to introduce its new “Max” series of bundles. Now musicians, producers and more have a better way to quickly get their hands on complete collections of some of IK’s most powerful music creation tools for up to 90% off the price it would cost to purchase each piece of gear offered individually. These bundles include AmpliTube® Max, T-RackS® Max andSampleTank® Max plus a Total Studio Max bundle that combines all three plus Miroslav Philharmonik™ 2. Now, thanks to these new bundles, anyone and everyone can take their musical creativity to the max.

AmpliTube Max – Maximum tone
Guitar and bass players will be blown away by the sonic flexibility offered in this bundle. It effectively gives musicians the keys to their very own fully stocked tone studio. It comes with AmpliTube 4,AmpliTube 3, AmpliTube MESA/Boogie®, Ampeg® SVX™, AmpliTube Fender, AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™ Anniversary Edition, AmpliTube Orange®, AmpliTube Slash and more. In total it gives users a virtual collection of over 300 pieces of gear that includes meticulously rendered models of some of the most sought after amplifiers, cabinets, stomp boxes, rack effects and mics on the planet.

T-RackS Max – Maximum processing
Producers and engineers will love T-RackS Max. It’s a comprehensive, high-quality mixing and mastering suite that features all the processors in T-RackS Grand plus all the new individual processors. It’s a collection of over 33 units that includes compressors, limiters, equalizers, channel strips, reverbs, delays and more. These processors have all been modeled after some of the most desirable classic hardware units of all time. Like all T-RackS models, each one can be used individually or as a part of a T-RackS mastering chain.

SampleTank Max – Maximum music
SampleTank Max is the definitive version of the ultimate sound and groove workstation. It comes withSampleTank 3 plus 22 additional Instrument Collections. These additional collections include Art Deco Piano, Cinematic Percussion, Hugh Padgham Drums, American Acoustic, the Elektronika series, the Beats series, and more. All told, it has a massive 50GB+ library of instruments, loops, midi patterns and more. These sounds can all be manipulated using the full power of SampleTank 3. This includes its 55 high-quality effects, intuitive 16-channel DAW-style mixer and powerful synth section.

Total Studio Max – Maximum value
Each of the aforementioned bundles offers an extreme degree of affordability and power. The Total Studio Max bundle takes this concept to the next level by collecting all of the previous bundles into one all-inclusive package. It also comes with Miroslav Philharmonik 2, the most emotionally expressive orchestral collection ever released. It’s a quick, easy and affordable way for musicians to have a complete and fully outfitted digital music studio.

Pricing and availability
All four of IK’s MAX bundles will be available in February from music and electronics retailers worldwide, as well as from the IK online store. All bundles are available as either a direct download or as a boxed copy with USB. AmpliTube Max, T-RackS Max and SampleTank Max will cost $/€499.99* for a direct download and $/€529.99 for a boxed copy with USB. The Total Studio MAX bundle – which includes all of the aforementioned bundles as well as a full version of Miroslav Philharmonik 2 – will be available as a direct download for $/€999.99 or as a boxed copy with USB for $/€1,029.99.

For more information, please visit www.ikmultimedia.com/max

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