So there has been much talk and speculation about what Akai has up its sleeve lately. I don’t like to dabble in rumors so I’ll pass on  sharing leaks and unconfirmed fodder for the interwebs beat maker rumor-mill.

However, today Akai Pro released what I assume to be the first in a line of teaser videos on its Akai Pro Video YouTube channel. The YouTube video is entitled “Akai Pro Presents: A Glimpse Into the Future.” But… true to trending form in new music tech releases now a days, the video never shows the “tech.” It is more or less a reactions video featuring artists, producers and DJs from Berlin and London.

I don’t know what is to come but this time of year is always fun to see the speculation, excitement and in some cases absolute disgust. Who knows where this will go but I’m strapped in for the ride.

Check it out…

According to the video description, Akai Pro says, “We recently held exclusive artist events in London & Berlin, showcasing soon-to-be released heavy hitters from our 2017 product lineup. This video captures the first impressions of top-level producers, DJs and musicians from Europe and the UK. ”

Stay tuned. NAMM season is here.

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