On this edition of BBoyTechReport’s Book Club we are recommending “Vintage Synthesizers” by Mark Vail. Mark takes an exhaustively comprehensive look at the history of the Synthesizer going as far back as the early 1960’s. The book includes little known historical synth tidbits and exclusive interviews with designers and synth scholars of all sorts.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, if you want to know synths and their back story as if you were there this is the book to grab. Even Marc Doty, Synth Guru and vintage synth enthusiast, says this book is basically essential reading for Synth nerds.

In this day of returning synth classics from yesteryear and analog resurgence, I think its apropos to send you all in the direction of dope synth resources like “Vintage Synthesizers” by Mark Vail. It’s important to me, at least, to build knowledge about the things that I feel passionate about. So run out and cop this book to add to your library. Power to the Synth Nerd in all of us.

Vintage Synthesizers – 2nd Edition
Publisher: Backbeat Books
Format: Softcover
Author: Mark Vail

“This new edition is the ultimate exploration of the upstart instruments – and their unique analog growls and screams – that paved the way over the last four decades for today’s fast-paced electronic music world. Explores the development of the modern synthesizer from 1962 on, with in-depth interviews with pioneering designers Bob Moog and Alan R. Pearlman of Moog Music and ARP Instruments fame. These and other designers reveal their initial ideas, reflect on their hits and misses, and discuss how star performers have used their creations. Histories of groundbreaking instruments examine modular, analog & digital synths and samplers, plus more unusual instruments like the Mellotron. Noted synthesist Keith Emerson and composer Wendy Carlos (“Switched-On Bach”) offer musical insights and performance techniques. Includes fully updated pricing and production info, and more than 200 photos and a stunning color section.”

Word! Good morning to all my #BEATPPL

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$32.00 (US)
ISBN: 9780879306038
UPC: 073999305364
Publisher Code: 0879306033
Width: 8.5″
Length: 11.0″
352 pages

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