Justin-1Justin “F Major” Myracks just finished his debut e-book “The Sound Mind” – a music producer’s toolkit for success. I would be remiss if I didn’t share it with you as a part of our ongoing book club recommendations. “The Sound Mind” is a 122 pages of solid advice for beat makers on a myriad of relevant topics that only a beat maker would understand.

Justin has made a name for himself as a solid voice of reason when it comes to beat making and production tips via YouTube and his Facebook following. The Sound Mind e-book brings Justin’s years of thoughtful advise and production tips to you in written form.

If you don’t know who Justin “F Major” Myracks is, chances are you’ve already spent countless hours of time with his handy work in your maschine in your lab. In his words…

I’m a senior sound designer for Native Instruments North America Inc. in Hollywood, CA. I’ve worked on numerous projects throughout my career including: Maschine library and expansions, iMaschine library and expansions, George Duke Soul Treasures, Battery 4 library, Polyplex, Rounds, Monark, Studio Drummer, and West Africa. In addition to my sound design work, I’ve produced for rap music artists such as: Daz Dillinger, B-Real, Shade Sheist, Domino, 2nd II None, Locksmith, XL Middleton and Clinton Wayne. My film and television credits include: NBC, MTV, E! network, Access Hollywood, Oxygen, film “Good Hair” and more.

Justin’s book aims to provide the reader with the following tools and advice;

  • How to harness emotional triggers to create effective beats that stand out from the crowd
  • The secret to simplifying complex music theory concepts
  • Tactics to help you never lose a great song idea again
  • Techniques to maximize your creative output and avoid “beat block”
  • Professional drum and instrument sound design methodology
  • Methods to convert your audio productions into multiple streams of income


The Sound Mind brings you 122 pages of practical advice for beatmakers covering the following areas of content.

Chapter 1: The Most Important Aspect of a Beat

Chapter 2: Should Beatmakers Learn Music Theory?

Chapter 3: How to Approach the Keyboard as a Beatmaker

Chapter 4: Sketching and Songwriting

Chapter 5: Overcoming Beat Block

Chapter 6: Is Sound Design for Everyone?

Chapter 7: Introduction to Drum Sound Design

Chapter 8: Introduction to Instrument Sound Design

Appendix A: Income Streams for Audio Producers

Appendix B: Recommended Reading

The Sound Mind e-book is available now for an intro price of $19.99. Head over to Justin’s site to cop it https://altruwest.com/the-sound-mind-e-book/. If you want to try before you buy… no problem. You can get a free chapter of the e-book there as well. Stop by and check it out. https://altruwest.com/the-sound-mind-e-book/

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