Cremacaffè is a company that knows style and functionality well enough to balance the two for the sake of ergonomically holding our precious desktop synths and gadgets in place on our table top synth filled studio desks. The Spike & Hero Desktop Synth Stands are currently in use in my lab and they do just as one would hope they’d do.

For starters, both are made of precision cut Poplar Plywood. Each stand comes disassembled in 3 pieces, flat in a rather fancy but minimal cloth pouch.

When removed from the pouch the 3 pieces aren’t very intuitive but a simple set of instruction are included. Still even if you aren’t the type for reading instructions, the assembly can be figured out easily enough. But be warned, in its simple ergo design flexibility in terms of options for angle and purpose were considered. That said, there may be several ways for each stand to come together giving you various angles for the stand to hold your gear according to your needs and tastes.

Let’s dig in…

The Hero

Of the two stands The Hero is the smaller design. As described by Cremacaffè the "Hero is the smaller tabletop stand in our range: the ideal solution for devices such as the Korg Volca, iPad mini, TE OP-1 and many others."

I am currently using it as a stand for any number of smaller devices in my lab but mainly for my Midi Fighter Twister and my iPad Mini.


Material: Poplar Plywood · Weight 60 g
Dimensions: H 98 x W 150 x D 160 mm
Compatible devices dimensions:
Maximum height: 160 mm 

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The Midi Fighter Twister is a great fit and I imagine my DSI Mopho mono synth would have worked well with it too if I still had it. 

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The Spike

The Spike stand is a bit larger and can hold a bit more weight. As described by Cremacaffè the “Spike is an original design stand for any desktop synth, sampler, sequencer, drum machine and devices with compatible dimensions.”

I currently use this stand with my Access Virus B sound module / desktop synth. It can be seen in use with the Elektron boxes around the Internets as well. This little fly stand has made it even more of a pleasure to use my Virus B synth because it sits a the perfect angle for knob tweaking while I compose and bang out (sequence) beats.

Spike · A new geometry of Music. from Cremacaffè on Vimeo.

Material: Poplar Plywood · Weight 135 g
Dimensions: H 170 x W 285 x D 260 mm
Compatible devices dimensions:
W 120 mm Min. · D 210 mm Max.

Fresh @cremacaffeshop #spike desktop synth stand

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The spike in action with my Virus B. If I’d not gotten the other stand for the Elektron Analog RYTM I’m certain the Spike would be it’s permanent home. For those of you using the MPC Studio and the Maschine Mikro, the Spike could be a viable option for you.

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bboy_review_scale_4So, whats the verdict? Well, I’ve used these stands daily for months now and I have no complaints on functionality and quality. They are mad solid there. They certainly perform just as advertised. In fact I’d recommend them to any DJ or Producer in need of a stylish and ergonomic light weight stand for their beloved pieces of gear. The one bit that some may not like is that in their sweet, simple, ergonomic and minimal design, they are a bit like Origami projects when assembling for the first time. However, once you’ve kind of gotten a better feel for these little desktop synth stands you should be well on your way. The ability to disassemble and flatten them down into their own soft carrying cases is a huge plus for those looking to make the Spike and the Hero a part of their mobile / gig rig.

Buyers should know that these joints are fancy and the price could be a the deciding factor for whether or not the make it into your lab. The Spike costs €36.80 or approximately $41 while the Hero costs €26.80 or approximately $30. Still if you are a proponent of style, functionality and quality you may have found the best desktop synth stands available.

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