I’ve been rocking with Cremacaffé for a good while now. I’ve come to know that Cremacaffé always brings well thought out Italian design quality  to every single product in their line up. The Kosmo Stand is no exception. Kosmo Stand is the perfect remedy for desktop synths in need of a good 15° to 30° tilt.


The Kosmo Stand is described as a “state of the art double tabletop stand, specially designed for heavier equipment.” Cremacaffé Kosmo Stand holds the likes of laptops, drum machines, larger format controller (Push 2 etc.) and a host of other studio devices.

Because it’s design seamlessly marries two separate stands (at 15°) into one larger stand with a more acute angle (at 30°), Kosmo effectively serves as 2 stands that can be used 3 ways. You can use it as two stands. For instance, one that holds your laptop and the other than holds your drum machine. Or it can serve as a 1 stand with both stands stacked together that holds your device at an even more ergonomic angle. Trust me when I tell you that this is a life saver when you spend hours in form of your synths, laptops, drum machines or modular rig.

Check out the Cremacaffé Kosmo Stand below as it serves my Elektron Machinedrum rather well.

Turn me up some!!

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As you can see the Cremacaffé Kosmo Stand is totally up to the task of supporting larger format machines with ease! Not to mention, it just looks so cool while doing so.

#machinedrumsps1 no 12 bit uw sample capability but it’s the joint! #kosmostand #kosmo

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Kosmo Stand is very light weight and breaks down flat for easy transport. When broken down it can be packed away into your backpack while taking up no more room than an manila folder with the thickness of an iPad or a couple of 12″ vinyl records.

Rocking the @cremacaffeshop #kosmo #kosmostand and welcoming the @weareelektron #machinedrumsps1 into the family

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The Cremacaffé Kosmo Stand was born to serve as your desktop synth, laptop and drum machine holder. With so many dope desktop synths and production tools on the market today, I can confidently say that the Cremacaffé Kosmo Stand is exactly what I needed!


  • Two Stands in One
  • Two Angles-Configuration: 15° & 30°
  • Compatible Devices Dimensions:
  • W 180 Min. x D 340 mm Max.

Stop by the Cremacaffé website for more info cremacaffedesign.com

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