is proud to present: Koncreete Drum VST

Koncreete Drum VST is the end game for hard hitting Boom Bap, bouncing Trap, and all your boutique drum needs. Over the past year, William “1GK” McKnight and Ken “Flux” Pierce have been constructing a way to provide a large library of fresh new sounds while keeping them in an easy to use container that will inspire the user.

The result of their hard work has evolved into Koncreete Drum VST. Koncreete is a 12 channel, dual layered beast that allows for fast layering and cohesive drum kits to be quickly laid into any DAW.

Koncreete consists of sounds recorded from the most prime sources including boutique analog drum machines, modular synthesizers, the leading digital synthesizers, a wide host of analog synthesizers, found sounds, pristine acoustic kits, dirty garage kits, and everything in between. Not the run of the mill copycat sources so often piled into sample packs.

These sounds were meticulously sculpted to provide inspiration as well as definition to any project they are used on. Each channel has two layers allowing you to blend and create new tones using the already detailed sounds. Individual envelopes per channel give you total control of each drum hit adding to the flexibility. Utilizing the Dirt layering, you are given the ability to add character to your sound with 12 layers of grit (pre and post sample trigger).

Koncreete doesn’t just cater to the Boom Bap crowd. With its down south 808 section on the DK (Drum Kartel Library) included kits, you gain an additional sub bass section on the C1-C2 and C4-C5 octaves for instant trap and subby flavor.

Koncreete is easily mapped to keyboards or drum pad controllers with the MIDI notes displayed on each channel’s pad. Global reverb, tune, and volume round out the package giving you control of each kits overall character.

So grab Koncreete now and find out just how hard our drums hit! Available Now @
Product page:

Suggested retail price: $149
Special intro pricing: $99 through June.

Features Of KoncreeteDM:

• 3500+ Drum samples treated and EQ’ed for instant inspiration and creation

• 160 Drum Kits with 24+ samples each spanning a range of production styles

• Each Drum Kit has 12 Channels each with 2 layers of Samples for layering and blending

• Each Kit has 6 more channels of dual layer Samples that add spice to the kit

• Option of stereo plugin or more flexible sub-mix output Plugin

• Separate Channels for each sample that include volume and panning, for easy mixing.

• Each channel also comes with attack, decay, sustain and release controls

• Expansion Slot for accessing future expansion kits

• Global control for pitch tuning.
• A built in global analog style reverb

• Extremely low CPU usage [perfect for the on the go Laptop producer]
• Fast patch loading
• Works on both Windows(VST) and Mac(AU/VST) Platforms in either 32bit or 64bit

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