Moog Music Inc. releases the latest firmware update for the Little / Slim Phatties.

Firmware Update v3.2 Now Available For The Little Phatty & Slim Phatty

What’s New:

  • LOCAL CONTROL: OFF, ON, noKB. The new “noKB“ setting turns local control OFF for the keys only, while all knobs still affect the sound.
  • ARP SETUP: SYNC LOCK (OFF, ON). When ON, the SYNC LOCK parameter keeps the arpeggiator phase constant from the time the arpeggiator is started. When Sync Lock is OFF, new notes reset its timing. This parameter can also be set with CC87 (0-63=off, 64-127=on).
  • POLY-CHAINING: Multiple improvements and bug fixes to Poly mode.

– Fixed several ways that different units could get out of sync

– Added a new voice-stealing behavior: When a note is released, the system looks for keys that are still held whose voice has been stolen by a subsequent note, and re-plays the most recent stolen note. In practice, this helps prevent notes from seeming “dropped” when polyphony is momentarily exceeded (such as when playing legato phrases).

  • MIDI Time Code (MTC) bug has been fixed
  • MIDI CC filtering bug has been fixed: Certain panel controls would continue sending MIDI even when MIDI CC filtering should have blocked them.
  • SYSTEM UTILITIES: PRESET MWHL added to Little Phatty. This allows the Mod Wheel amount to be saved per preset. (The Slim Phatty already has this feature implemented)
  • ARPEGGIATOR: When turning off the arpeggiator while still holding a note, the held note now continues to play instead of being silenced when the arp is turned off.

Download Your Update Here:

Little Phatty Stage I & Stage II

Little Phatty Tribute  Edition

Slim Phatty

Note: Instructions for updating are included in the download. LIttle Phatty owners must be running firmware v3.0 or higher for these updates. Visit to get the most recent firmware. If you run into any issues please contact

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