Moog Music Inc is set to release full details on the latest addition to the Phatty family. Tomorrow January 21st 2013 will see the Moog Sub Phatty in all of its full glory. As far as I can tell it sort of looks like a Mini Little Phatty or a Little Little Phatty or a Phatty Micro or a Micro Phatty (haha yeah I can do this all day). The Sub seems to share the Little Phatty swooped curvy back panel. I’m guessing maybe 25 keys?! Who knows? I’ll tell you who. We all will know by tomorrow morning.

Below is an image of the Moog Sub Phatty panel. Some of it anyway. Im interested to see how the morse code-ish preset buttons work. I guess Moog couldn’t let a software company (I’m lookin’ at you Aturia) play in their sand box without shots fired back. Thats how I see it. The Sub Phatty is that shot. BANG! Stay tuned…

more on the release here

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