Moog recently revealed that they are planning to release / announce two new synths this year. One of them being the MOOG SUB 37 Tribute.

This year we are unveiling two new instruments at NAMM. Since many of you will not be able to attend the show, we want to give you a sneak peak at what you will miss. We appreciate your feedback, words of encouragement, and support.
Your Friends at Moog

Here’s a photoshop image of what one particular Moog fan thinks it may look like (photo by sedohR). Click the image to see larger.


See the Front Panel a bit closer

Amos from MOOG Music broke it down here on Marc Doty’s excellent post on the differences between Polyphonic, monophonic, duophonic etc.

the new Moog synth is “2-note paraphonic” — it can play two independent pitches from its two oscillators, in response to two keys played at once. Paraphonic still seemed less misleading than “Duophonic” (to me) because of the single VCF, VCA, and their respective envelope generators.  – Amos / Moog Music

So as far as I can tell, the Moog Sub 37 is a 37 key paraphonic Sub Phatty and arpeggiator and multi-drive. So what is paraphonic? Marc Doty explains

“Paraphonic” is a term that has to do with articulation… not a term that has to do with how many notes a synth can generate. A “paraphonic” synthesizer is one where all of the notes generated… from 1 to 1,000,000… go through a single filter and VCA combination. That’s it. That is what “paraphonic” means. It’s just more noticeable when you’re trying to articulate polyphonic passages. -Marc Doty 

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