One of the kits I’ve waited for…  The Producer’s Choice releases Iron Fingers Drum Kit by the legendary Ski Beatz.

If you don’t know who Ski Beatz is, see those joints from Jay Z’s first album Reasonable Doubt, or those other joints on Camp Lo’s Uptown Saturday Night, or various joints by Mos Def and on and on. Ski Beatz is 20 years deep in this beat making game and if you know Ski Beatz, you have to know that his production game is nuts but his drum game is killer.

I consider this a real treat to have drums, 100 in all, hand picked and created by Ski Beatz. Iron Fingers Drum Kit is, apparently, only the beginning.


  • 100 Samples in total (25 Kicks, 25 Snares, 25 Live Percussion, 25 Hats)
  • Created, EQ’d, Compressed and layered to PERFECTION by legendary producer Ski Beatz.
  • WAV Format (Comes with both 32bit and 16bit version included in the download)

For more info on Ski Beatz’s Iron Fingers Drum Kit head over to The Producer’s Choice.

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