Darrell “Digga” Branch gives aspiring beat makers the Music Business Mastery Program

Producer Darrell “Digga” Branch introduces a very comprehensive course on the Mastery of the Music Business.

Now a days it seems that everyone is a producer or a beat maker. Unfortunately, not many of us are business minded. Nevermind, of course, all of the ‘hood CEOs and card hustling club dwellers… many of us have no idea how huge of a deal that the word “BUSINESS” has within the phrase Music Business. Why else would you imagine there are so many well known musicians, artists and beat makers in the business that you consider to not be as good as you are as a musician, artist and beat maker? They either know how to navigate the business of music or they have a team that knows the business.

It’s true, skillful beat making and mind numbing creativity will get attention when combined with persistence, hard work and focus but knowing the business will cement your future as a force in the game.

At the end of the day, you have to know this business so that you can make this a lasting and impactful career. If you take your music making ability seriously, you owe it to yourself to invest in Music Business Mastery Program.

My name is Darrell “Digga” Branch (Google Me!). I’ve sold 30 million + records across my career and produced for Cam’ron, Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Ludacris and more.

I’ve had 3 Grammy Nominations. I’ve also founded 4 companies – including my own successful music production company Six Figga Entertainment, Inc.

Here is what you get with The Music Business Mastery Program

  • 10 Video Lessons – 2 PDF Guides
  • MODULE 1 – Developing a Brand
  • MODULE 2 – Registering Your Trademark
  • MODULE 3 – Incorporating Your Business
  • MODULE 4 – Finding Legal Representation
  • MODULE 5 – Financial Management
  • MODULE 6 – Producer Management
  • MODULE 7 – Becoming Your Own Publisher
  • MODULE 8 – Performing Rights
  • MODULE 9 – Designing SMART Goals
  • MODULE 10 – Sound Exchange
  • Worksheet 1 – Action Plan Outline
  • Worksheet 2 – SMART Goal Outline

Be sure to stop by TheProducersChoice.com to cop your copy of The Music Business Mastery Program. The cost of $47 is well worth the knowledge that you will gain from a proven professional in the urban genre of the music business.


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