Minty Drums & Percussion is the The latest kit from the Drum Broker and This is a kit of assorted drums and percussion totaling approximately 350 original drums processed with a variety of hardware. Just reading thru the types of gear used to process these drums lets me know that they come wrapped in warmth, thickened with a sprinkle of SSL and a dab of Neve. Knowing that a Moog Filter and a OTO Biscuit was used in the processing and sound design tells you that these drums were designed to be phat and grimey.

My thought is that $19 buys you thousands of dollars in processing and sound design. Why not get your drum game up and enhance your library with this kit. Its a no brainer.

Check the demo

Processing gear list…

  • SSL Preamp
  • Little Labs VOG
  • Neve 542
  • SPL Transient Designer
  • OTO Biscuit (for grit)
  • Moog Filter
  • And more

For more info and to cop Minty Drums & Percussion go to

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