The homies at Digital Hustle Films & caught up with Khrysis recently to get into some behind the beats business. Khrysis shows off his Maschine Beat Making skills while discussing some of his own favorite beats, his favorite rapper & his drum kit which appeared in a recent bboytechreport post. Dig the ASR 10 on the side and the classic wax on the floor. This is a straight up beat makers lab.

The part I love about this video is where Khrysis speaks about how he would rig stereos and Casio keyboards together along with pause mixtapes to embark on his first forays into beat making. It’s like he’s telling my own story word for word. Big ups to Khrysis for the dope insight especially for those of us that were beat making before they called it beat making and before the technology caught up to our ideas and ghetto rigged systems.

Pick up Khrysis’ drum kit here.

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