This composition is a sort of fusion of MODBAP and Techno. Its got a hip-hop feel but grounded with a 4 to the floor beat.

The first element of this composition was the Modal Bass.

I created a CV sequence with Voltage Block and ran that into Rings. Rings then runs to the Endorphin.es Grand Terminal 18/db Diode Ladder filter and Delay.

The 2nd element is the “Dreamy Melody”. For this one the Voltage block is controlling he Furthrr Generator which rans into a VCA controlled by Zadar then ran into Magneto.  Zadar is triggered by the magneto CLK 1 out and PNW is clocking Magneto. Magneto CLK out 3 is clocking tides which are modulating Fur Gen Symmetry + Furthrrr.

For the 3rd element “Padish Lead” I used the SV1 Sine+Saw+Pulse+Sub through a bandpass filter then into the Black Hole DSP reverb. PNW CH.4 +8 are sending out a Sine LFO and Euclidean stepped voltage then ran into Intellijel Scales then to SV-1 V/O input and PNW ch.2 triggering Sv-1 ADSR.

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