For today’s composition, I just wanted to make a dope MODBAP beat. The general setup for this patch is MPC live > Intellijel uMIDI > Pamela’s New Workout. Pam then clocks everything in the rig. All Drums are from the MPC.

Ali The Architect composing his latest ModBap beat.

The first element is the sample. I created the sample with rings and sampled it into the morphagene. I then chopped it in the Morph and ran it through the Erica Synths Dual Black VCF. The second element is the melody which is Rings driven by the ER-101 then ran into Clouds then to Black Hole DSP. Tides then modulate the Brightness, Dampening, Structure, and position of rings. The 3rd element Bass is the SV-1driven by the ER-101 also then ran into Magneto. I came up with a routine and in this video, I record the 2 tracks into Logic.

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