Introducing The NDLR by Conductive Labs -Launching as a Kickstarter campaign at Knobcon 2017.

During my trip to Knobcom 2017 I ran into the guys from NDLR. I hadn’t come across NDLR before Knobcon but I am glad i had the chance to check it out. So, I figured I’d pass along the news to you about the NDLR kickstarter. Check it out!

Portland, Oregon, September 9, 2017: The NDLR (pronounced “The Noodler”) by Conductive Labs is a multi-part, polyphonic arpeggiator. The main mission of The NDLR is to get your synths playing in time, in the same key and to make great electronic music without having to play the keyboard.

Using The NDLR is quite simple. Press PAD, BASS & MOTIF buttons to start them playing, twist the knobs to tweak the arps, press chord buttons to change the chord or chord type.

The NDLR has a deep level of control and modulation to make a near infinite variety of unique arpeggiated sequences. Besides the typical arpeggiator variations (up, down, up-down, ping-pong, random, etc.), there are patterns, BPM, clock division, accents, rhythms and other unique controls to create amazing sounds.

The NDLR can play up to 8 synths at a time

There’s a PAD (polyphonic chord player), Bass arp and Motif arp. Then there’s the drone (great for long evolving patches), interleaved poly-chaining (which plays up to three more voices interleaved with the PAD notes), and note transposition with MIDI pass-through.

The NDLR is a creative partner as sits between your favorite keyboard controller, sequencer, and your synth collection. It makes what you already have that much better.

With two 5-pin MIDI inputs, you can connect a MIDI keyboard and a sequencer to The NDLR. The keyboard can act as a controller to The NDLR, changing chord types for instance. Or you can have The NDLR transpose keyboard input which will be passed through to MIDI out (5-pin or USB), keeping your keyboard noodling in key with the other voices being played by The NDLR. You can also connect a sequencer to change the chords The NDLR is playing or have those notes transposed. Even without a keyboard or sequencer connected, you can play your synths with The NDLR.

Of course, it can provide MIDI clock, or sync to external clock via 5-pin MIDI or USB. It plays nice with your existing collection! Once you get your hands on The NDLR, it’s so much fun it’s hard to stop playing with it!

For more information

For videos and photos, please see the Kickstarter page at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thendlr/the-ndlr-a-multi-part-polyphonic-arpeggiator

Keep up to date on the Conductive Labs Facebook page and on Youtube.




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