First of monthly artist expansion pack releases gives producers immediate access to professional sounds and effects, vastly improving MPC workflow and enhancing creativity.
Cumberland, RI USA (December 7, 2015) — Akai Professional, a leading manufacturer of music production equipment today announced its first Artist Series Expansion Pack for MPC, delivering unrivaled production quality and versatility to the platform. Akai Professional has teamed up with Global Producer/Finger Drummer araabMUZIK giving users access to his personal collection of drum and melodic samples.

The expansion includes over 1.3GB of stunning samples and kits/melodics, all pre-mapped into MPC programs for instant availability and music production. Each Kit is presented with studio-processed quality. araabMUZIK has produced for some of biggest artists in the music industry, with his distinctive fusion of Trap/Electronic HipHop, so now users can create like araabMUZIK, from directly inside MPC. araabMUZIK for MPC contains 32 Artist Kits made up from hard-hitting drum sounds, all processed for production-quality, assigned to 16 pads across 8 Banks. Also included are 80 melodic phrases,15 instruments, 519 one-shots, SFX, 89 drum loops,15 bass loops, along with 64 stunning preset patches for Hybrid 3, delivering club-shattering Synth, Lead and Pad patches.

Sound content has become an integral part of any producer’s workflow. Producers need to focus on making the music without wasting hours browsing external sound libraries for the professional sounds they need. Akai Professional is releasing high-quality artist expansions for the first time, enabling users to utilize a more sonically-compelling workflow, which takes advantage of all the classic MPC features, such as Drum Layering, 16 Levels, Note Repeat, MPC Swing through to vintage emulations, all of which enhance the production.

Akai Professional’s MPC series has been the forefront of music production for over 25 years, so releasing exclusive artist content to the platform brings a whole new dimension to beat production. araabMUZIK’s is an “ambassador” of MPC through his sheer speed and precision when performing his epic finger drumming sets globally. It made perfect sense for Akai Professional to bring his cutting edge sample collection directly inside MPC. The samples have been professionally designed and mapped for instant access and maximum usability.

There will also be an iMPCPro version, which delivers a selection of the same cutting-edge samples and melodics featured inside the MPC version, allowing users to enhance the iMPCPro with productionready samples. iMPCPro version features pre-mapped kits across multiple banks and a collection of high quality one-shot hits.

“We’re very excited to offer araabMUZIK as the first of our Artist Series expansion packs for MPC,” said Andy Mac, MPC Project Manager for Akai Professional. “araabMUZIK’s incredible finger drumming and samples really highlight the amazing production experience that users enjoy with our MPC Touch. The entire Artist Series is really going to bring the MPC creative experience to the next level.”

U.S. retail pricing of the araabMUZIK Expansion Pack is $59.99 and is available immediately by digital download which also includes an additional bonus download of araabMUZIK’s new E.P. titled “King.”

For more information, visit akaipro.com.

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