We caught up with the gang from Teenage Engineering at NAMM2015 to get the once over of the brand spanking new Pocket Operators.

We also got a first hand look at the cool rubber cases for the Pocket Operators.

#teenageengineering #po12rhythm with rubber case.

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Here is a closer look at the 3 Pocket Operators. Consider these sort of like handheld version of Volca synths but cooler. There is the PO-12 (Rythm Drum Machine), the PO-14 (Sub bass synth) and the PO-16 (factory synth). Each can be chained to one another via simple audio cable with an audio click for synch. The output of all chained Pocket Operators is output from the last PO in the chain. These joints can even be synched to devices like the Korg Volcas via audio synch click. Sounds like loads of fun to me.



For more info, head over to the Teenage Engineering site.



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