A while back I had the opportunity to interview Jason Amm & Robert Fantinatto, the Producer and Director of the most excellent synth nerd documentary, I Dream Of Wires (IDOW). Now, with all of the talk about modular synthesis and it’s return to glory, I thought it’d be apropos to finally share this great conversation (in the form of an Exclusive Video Interview) with you all.

As described on the I Dream of Wires website , IDOW was “written and directed by Robert Fantinatto with Jason Amm (Ghostly International recording artist Solvent) serving as producer and co-writer.” The film took a couple of years to complete and it digs deep into the history of modular synthesis with the East Coast and West Coast philosophies. The interview list reads like a who’s who of past and present day synth hall of famers.


This journey began for me at Moogfest where I met Jason and Robert just after attending a screening of the ‘I Dream Of Wires’ documentary. It was perfect timing that I would be introduced to this in-depth modular synthesis documentary. It hadn’t been very long since my own interests as a beat maker had began to lean towards modular synthesis curiosity. IDOW hit the target with great interviews, deep history and good vibes overall. It was the perfect topper to get a chance to converse a bit (over an hour) with Jason and Robert.

Have a look at the trailer

So, in this exclusive video interview you’ll come to know the details of how this fresh documentary came together.  You’ll get the chance to sort of be the fly on the wall as the interview is nearly an hour-long. I hope the conversation is as enjoyable, inspiring, informative and exploratory for you as it was for me.

None the less, be sure to go out and cop the I Dream of Wires DVD (the hardcore – extended version) over at http://www.idreamofwires.org/

Special shout out to our sponsors for this Exclusive Video Interview, Pittsburgh Modular.

Check out IDOW here

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