I recently came to the lab to find the AKAI Pro MPK249 on the doorstep. Akai Pro sent the MPK 249 my way to review and I thought it would be a good idea to compare the new with the old. For those that don’t know, I exclusively used the original MPK 49 controller for years. There was a time when I sold all of my gear, MPCs, keyboards, synth modules and all. During that time I used Logic Pro and the MPK 49. So, yeah I got really acquainted with the workflow of the MPK and Logic Pro too for that matter.

Long story short, I am very interested to see how the MPK 249 compares to the classic MPK 49 and where it rises and falls, so to speak.

So, getting down to my first impressions… I can show you what my thoughts were on the night that I unboxed the new Akai Pro MPK 249. Check the video below

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