Sonic Potions LXR Drum Machine is a DIYers dream

So if you are like me at all, you probably get the hankering to build something or tinker with something electronic from time to time. And if you follow the journey in hiphop, tech and electronic music that is BBoyTechReport, you probably have noticed an uptick in DIY projects (i.e. Etherwave Theremin & Moog Werkstatt). Well, now that the dust is knocked off of that old Electronics Degree of mine, I’m hungry for more projects. Considering I’ve not gotten into the world of modular synth builds as of yet, I’ve targeted a fresh new (relative term) DIY drum machine known as Sonic Potions LXR digital drum synth.

lxr2 lxr8 lxr7

According to Sonic Potions website, “The LXR is a full fledged digital drum machine with integrated sequencer. Its sound engine provides 6 different instruments, each with over 30 parameters to tweak. It can produce a wide variety of sounds, ranging from classic analogue emulations to crunchy digital mayhem.”

I’ve not copped it yet but I plan to do so at some point later this year. I am looking forward to the build experience and pairing with my other gear.

The kit comes with


Sonic Potions is run by Julian Schmidt. According to Julian Schmidt “Before founding Sonic Potions, [he] worked for several years as a developer in the music industry on projects including the Scope DSP platform and the John Bowen Solaris synthesizer.

lxr5 lxr6

Sonic Potions LXR digital drum synth specs

  • Cortex M4 based
  • 6 voices (VA and FM)
  • 7 sequencer tracks (extra open HH channel)
  • 44kHz / 16 bit audio
  • 4 mono outputs
  • 4 different instrument engines
  • 1/128 step pattern resolution (32ppq)
  • USB/Din Midi
  • different lengths for each track possible
  • 8 chainable patterns per preset
  • Step probability
  • SD-Card
  • Cowbells!
  • 39 buttons
  • 6 LFOs routable to every voice parameter
  • complete kit. comes with all needed parts for assembly
  • No SMD soldering required
  • source code available
  • All! actions possible without stopping the sequencer playback


  • The complete kit is sold for 280,-€*
  • Acrylic enclosures sold separately for 70,-€*

Additional info

Sonic Potions recently put together a project of music created solely with the Sonic Potions LXR digital drum synth. Check it out.

Sonic Potions LXR Github Page.

Sonic Potions LXR Website.

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