PORE, beatsmith from Chicago, recently released side A of his beat tape entitled beatscostmoney. This beat tape is simultaneously a declaration and a movement as PORE continues to bang out gems with his beloved MPC 2000XL.

PORE’s beatscostmoney beat tape is filled with vocal snippets from candid Chicagoan conversations, random declarations and soundbites about, what else, Chicago and various elements of hiphop culture.

PORE is known for his live MPC performances but on Side A of this Beat Tape PORE proves once and for all that he is no slouch in the lab. So says this sort of tongue and cheek sound bite “You cant play it live. You have to just have a track playing in the background and just fake it all”

Thus far the flow of this beat tape is fresh. As a native Chicagoan myself the feel and groove of the rhythems and the sample flips immediately put me on the Blue Line headed out west.  BeatsCostMoney has a sort of east coast flavor but with more soul. Seems befitting too as Chicago has been compared to NYC in similar ways.

All in all PORE’s BeatsCostMoney  side A is a dope piece of visual beatmaking. Check it out https://soundcloud.com/beatscostmoney

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