MI Resellers Can Profit From Unique, High-Margin Music Lessons with New ArtistWorks Online Music Lesson Access Cards

Innovative Retail Cards Allow Resellers to Tap Into Online Lesson Market with 23 Different Online Music Schools, from Rock Guitar to Violin

January 2014 – NAPA, CA – ArtistWorks, the leading interactive lifestyle social learning platform, today announced the availability of a new retail program for credit card-sized cards, which grant access to their 23 online interactive Video Exchange™ music schools. With the new tangible cards, musical instrument and supply resellers can now conveniently offer every advantage of a superior online subscription-based instruction with a physical card at the checkout counter.

Currently, tens of thousands of members in nearly 100 countries have improved their playing within ArtistWorks’ unique online learning communities. ArtistWorks has long been known for its innovative Video Exchange Feedback Platform, where an average music lover can submit practice videos and receive video feedback from world-renowned teaching artists such as Paul Gilbert, Nathan East, Mike Marshall, Tony Trischka, John Patitucci, Howard Levy, DJ Qbert and more.

Many ArtistWorks instructors are already valued endorsers for name-brand manufacturers sold in many stores and online, like Ibanez, Marshall, Yamaha, Dunlop, Hohner and more.Now music retailers can add incremental revenue to their average sale by offering physical access cards for these high caliber music lessons to their product mix. They’re perfect for a POS up sell opportunity. Just like traditional gift cards, resellers can merchandise ArtistWorks Access Cards online and/or in store.

Top Benefits of Selling Access Cards for ArtistWorks Music Lessons:

  • INCREASE PROFITS: Resellers earn a 20% to 40% margin on every average sale of $90-$99.
  • ADD VALUE FOR CUSTOMERS: Personalized online music lessons from a world-class artist for about a dollar a day!
  • P.O.S. UP SELL:  An ideal add-on sale for low-margin accessories and supplies, as well as major purchases like instruments, etc. for brick & mortar and online.
  • EFFORTLESS INVENTORY: Access cards are the size of a credit card. They have a minimal footprint and can be positioned on counters or at checkout for easy add-on sales.
  • EMPLOYEE PERK: Store staff can receive complimentary access to lessons and ArtistWorks training.

How ArtistWorks Online Music Access Cards Work for Your Customers:

  1. Customers redeem the code on their Access Card for three months of online lessons at the ArtistWorks instructor/instrument website of their choice.
  2. The enrolled member has unlimited, 24/7 access to a comprehensive library of hundreds of pre-recorded video lessons, from beginner to advanced.
  3. For personal guidance, they can submit practice videos to their teacher through the ArtistWorks Video Exchange Feedback Platform using their webcam, Smartphone, iPad or traditional video camera.
  4. Their world-class instructor views their video and responds with a feedback video prescribing additional exercises, techniques or songs to help them improve.
  5. Each student submission and teacher response Video Exchange is paired together to form a new lesson from which all the members of the school learn.
  6. Whether customers submit practice videos or not, they get invaluable education from the interactions their master teacher has with other members

About ArtistWorks, Inc.

In 2008, former AOL executive David Butler set out to finally master jazz guitar. With no acceptable teachers in his area, he and co-Founder Patricia Butler built a revolutionary online system to enable anyone to get direct feedback from a master teacher anywhere in the world. Today, ArtistWorks, Inc. is the leader in a new generation of online learning platforms. This “next generation” Video Exchange™ Feedback Platform enables world renowned artists and musicians to “teach the world” by presenting their artistic legacy in the form of HD video lessons and direct feedback to subscribing students. Utilizing simple web cams, Smartphones, tablets or video cameras, students are able to submit practice videos and get individualized video feedback and guidance from their teaching artists – creating a constantly evolving two-way, online learning experience.

ArtistWorks currently offers schools from such world-class artists as: Paul Gilbert (rock guitar lessons), Martin Taylor (fingerstyle guitar lessons), Jason Vieaux (classical guitar lessons), Andreas Oberg (jazz guitar lessons), Jeannie Deva (singing lessons), Nathan Cole (violin lessons), Jeffrey Khaner (flute lessons), William Caballero (French horn lessons), David Bilger (trumpet lessons), Ricardo Morales (clarinet lessons), Nathan East (electric bass lessons), John Patitucci (jazz bass lessons), Howard Levy (harmonica lessons), DJ Qbert (DJ lessons), Christie Peery (piano lessons), Billy Cobham (jazz and fusion drum lessons), Luis Conte (percussion lessons), as well as the ArtistWorks Academy of Bluegrass with Tony Trischka (banjo lessons), Missy Raines (double bass lessons), Bryan Sutton (flatpick guitar lessons), Andy Hall (Dobro lessons), Mike Marshall (mandolin lessons), Darol Anger (fiddle lessons), and Justin BUA (art lessons). For more information, visit ArtistWorks.com

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