NAMM HISTORIAN – Dan Del Fiorentino reached out to me prior to the end of 2013 with a new episode of  the  ‘NAMM Oral History’ video series. Seeing that Winter NAMM 2014 is quickly approaching, I figured it would be the perfect time to share this bonus episode. Who knows, maybe we can rekindle the series at some point.

For those that don’t know, in early 2013 BBoyTechReport partnered with NAMM to bring you a dope series of weekly episodes entitled ‘NAMM Oral History’ for a total of 10 weeks. Each new episode featured a pioneering Hip-Hop DJ giving an oral account of Hip-Hop History from the DJ perspective.

In this bonus episode 11, DJ GrandMixer DXT is featured as NAMM continues to bring us great Oral History pieces.

As described by NAMM “DJ GrandMixer DXT brought the turntable front and center as a musical instrument!  DXT is a proud member of the “first generation” of DJs in the dawn of Hip-Hop.  When he recorded a session that was played for Herbie Hancock, the result was the breakthrough hit instrumental “Rockit.”  The success of the song resulted in Herbie hiring DXT to join his band and tour, with his turntables on stage!  A new era of musical instrumentation was born.”

DJ GrandMixer DXT

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