IK Multimedia’s iKlip Stand is noted as the “desktop riser stand for iPad and iPad mini.” iKlip may not fit into the category of gear that seems exciting and fun the way a synth or drum machine would but it is certainly a utility with mainstay potential written all over it.

Let’s think of it in terms of the workflow for a beat maker / producer / musician. It’s easy to imagine a scenario where your iPad is needed for recording lyrics. I’ve been in this position before. I may position the mic at the desk (unless I’m standing to record) and I’ll usually have lyrics on my iPad ready for a situation of this sort. Then there I am trying to prop the iPad up with it’s case. If that isn’t tall enough I use whatever is available to give the iPad some height (boxes, stacks of wax etc.). Well, adding the iKlip Stand to the equation solves my problem quickly and easily.


The iKlip Stand is made of “sturdy, robust thermoplastic with metal reinforced base”. The iKlip Stand’s arm features two points of adjustments or as IK Multimedia states, it has “two independent articulations for maximum flexibility”. For the sake of analogy we’ll say they are similar to your elbow and wrist. The elbow point adjusts the height while the wrist is a swiveling ball joint that the actual iPad holster sits on. It allows you to adjust the iPad 360 degrees around the tip of the stands arm. The cool point here is that you can take advantage of the iPad’s ability to switch between portrait to landscape view.

The arm of the iKlip Stand can be used on either the actual stand or with the desk clamp. Each of these two options have their own special benefits.

The stand is great for use with your keyboard, DJ rig or drum machine. The stands feet are slim and long enough that it can be used in a similar way to how DJs use the the Crane Pro stand. Simply slide the feet beneath your rig (i.e.decks, drum machine or keyboard) and the iKlip Stand hoists your iPad perfectly above your rig without taking up much more space that your rig already uses. The height is just perfect enough that your MPC, Maschine, synth or DJ rig has ample room to sit beneath your iKlip hoisted iPad.

As for the desk clamp, I’m sure you can imagine a scenario where it would be more advantageous to mount the iKlip to the edge of your desk. It certainly saves precious desk real estate and even keeps the iPad out of the way. Or depending on where you choose to mount it the iKlip could even bring the iPad closer to you.

There is one thing I not too fond of though.The holster holds the iPad on 3 sides (left, right and bottom) meanwhile the top part of the iPad is left open and unheld. Although the holster clips hold the iPad pretty firmly, it is not latched into place at the top. Turning it any other way but upside down is just fine. Still, there was a point where I turned it upside down (obviously not a recommended action) and somehow the iPad began to slip from the holds of the iKlip a bit. Now to be fair I will say that I was a bit more vigorous in movement than usual and this probably caused the iPad to slip (slowly). None the less, a mere latch or clip at the top would prevent the dreded upside down slide. Little problem. Simple solution… don’t turn the damn iPad upside down.

bboy_review_scale_3_5At any rate, IK Multimedia’s iKlip Stand weighs in at approximately $70. Is it worth the the cost for those of us that use our iPads in the lab as often as I do? Yes, indeed. As a matter of fact I may get another for the area of the lab where my Rhodes EP is located. I use my iPad as a notepad for lyrics, an e-reader for manuals, cheat sheets for chords and as a synth module. It sure does help to have my hands free to play, bang out beats and/or control the transports while in the studio.

But be forewarned that if you aren’t careful of turning the iPad upside down it will fall out. If not for that particular point this stand would score higher. Still with that in mind it is a good stand and it works pretty well for my needs.

For more info on the iKlip Stand check out IK Multimedia’s website.

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