The Passion HiFi is one of the most talented Beat Makers / Producers that I know of to date. I consider it an honor to have had The Passion HiFi produce a cut entitled Sunshine from my 2012 release “Pathways.”

My initial introduction to The Passion HiFi resulted in a mega collaboration cut entitled “Say Your Prayers” featuring 4 of Chicago’s most talented and ferocious emcees (Savant QwazaarMc Longshot & myself Phashara) along with cuts by  DJ Rice The Sound Transmitter  and of course the banging track by the man himself UK’s PassionHifi of EvilTwin.

The Passion HiFi has long been held as one of the UKs most downloaded beat makers / producers. He is no stranger to allowing emcees to use his beats for little to no cash, non-exclusively of course. This is one of the reasons Passion is so highly regarded. Not only is he a dope multi-instrumentalist (that happens to owe BBoy Tech Report an interview 🙂 ) but he  is one of the most generous and diverse producers I know.

Why does all this feel relevant to share at this moment? Well, The Passion HiFi has just released his 1st beat tape. I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce my fellow beat makers and tech geeks to Passion’s talents on the beats.

As an added note, this current  Passion HiFi project is not so much about Passion and his HiFi beats as it is an opportunity for the purchaser of the beat tape to use the tracks non-exclusively in projects of their own. The instant download comes with personalized beat contracts right out the box. So go ahead and get your mix-tape on with The Passion HiFi.

Here is what The Passion HiFi has to say about his current foray into the world of internet beat tapes.

Incredibly, after many years of supplying dope free Hip Hop instrumentals to the beat hungry public and countless album & mixtape credits this is the first official beat tape from UK based producer, The Passion HiFi.

There are 15 quality Hip Hop beats included ranging from soulful MPC style classic sounds to hard hitting NY style contemprary breaks and everything in between. To maintain dynamics and sound quality none of these beats have been compressed/limited to death, this means when you drop your own lyrics (if you want to) on the beats you will have greater control over your final mix!

As a way of saying thanks for supporting this release, each purchaser of this beat tape will also receive non-exclusive rights to use these instrumentals commercially for your own mix-tapes, albums and videos free of charge. We will email you the personalized beat contracts shortly after purchase!

released 11 August 2013
Produced & Mixed By The Passion HiFi
Recorded at Hooligan Soul Studios, Bedford. UKFollow us on Twitter: us on Facebook: us on Soundcloud
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