This is a great video courtesy of Moog Music that features four Sub Phatty’s being controlled by a gaggle of modular synth components. There are two Sub Phatty’s doing drums (kick and snare) controlled by a modular sequencer with switches. There is one Sub Phatty doing some arpeggiated groove controlled by another modular piece in the wall of modular components. Finally there is yet another Sub Phatty controlled by the Archangel sequencer / controller which our host, the Suit & Tie Guys plays his solo runs on.

I know… this is an extreme display of synth over kill for what is played out in the tune but isnt that lovely? lol… Indeed, as STG states in the video, it’s “excessive”… Obsessive even, and great all at the same time. But it does demonstrate a bit of the flexibility of the Sub Phatty. The drums sound good and I’m sure that only scratches the surface. It also shows that modular synthesis can get as complicated or as simple as you want it to be.

Thanks STG and Moog for this. It’s dope. More please?

Check it out.

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